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September 10th, 2004

09:40 pm: la la
just got home from kettering.. varsity game.. we lost of course.. lol after trying to startfights out of pure boredom.. getting raped by some kid who i dont know... doing bri in the bathroom... ...i found my dad and came home! Lol ya.. was with bri.. its fun going ta kettering now though kuz like.. everyone like was talking to me.. and bri was a loser... y am i typing this? idk i'm bored.. alex is sleeping so i kant talk to him.. :::Cries::: ahhhh Ugh i hope he kalls me 2night.. i doubt he'll ever wake up.. ha well ya i'm gunna go like.. break sumthing to entertain myself... bye!!

:::the JV cheerleader::: THATS RIGHT JV OHHHHH


okay thats dumb but i'm bored.... I LOVE YOU ALEX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

XoOxoxoxoxoXoxOXxoXOoxxooO {k}-{t} .:.*.:. i am so hott... .:.*.:.

... i hate democrates.. they fucking suck......


September 8th, 2004

10:52 pm: ok faaaaaaa laaaa laaaaa time for my retard updatation! WOO okay this weekend was purdy kool.. uh.. wait wutd i do. OH YEaHh!.. me and natalie went to um.. around leddington and camped with some of my other crazy family at my uncle and aunts half built house... awesome i guess. .lol it was boring.. ish. okay um... friday we left about 120 in tha afternoon and uhm and got there.. 4 ish? maybe? god i dont remmber me and natalie had to ride the whole way in the back seat of a pickup.. god it was sooo squished i kood barely breathe! GOD and then umm when we got there.. wel ike.. ate... set up  and stuff and um... hmm nothing erallly.. that night was a camp fire with drunk ppl everywhwere.. ha... i love these ppl me and her were like tha only sober ones there lmao there wasl ike nonone our age there though.. we left the fire at like 3 hmm.. who was there.. some kid matt he was 14 aww lol and um.... these other two kids we saw later that night.. i dont member their names.. and then matts older brother eric aww hes magickal! he plays piano.. and tha geetar and like.. he learned on his own and aww its so kute he soundsl ike a backstreet boy hes awesome!! lol anyways my kuzin kellie got there atl ike.. amillion oclock when i was trying to sleep.. and me and natalie got bored and like.... wwere talking with those one kids.. they were 18 and 19... really.. ghetto lmao ya they invited us in their car yup.. They were like so drunk it was funny and………….. Ya! Then ummmmmmmmmmmmm I discovored erics magickly kool music talents.. Fun ish and um.. I love alex.. And uhm.. Ya! We stoped at umm cindys house… played with fire and um I got home Sunday night.. Then um alex came over Monday. And.. Ya it was fun.. Even though he accidentally missed work.. Tee he oh well  and then um…. Skool.. Skool… cheerleading.. that’s my life.

OOHhhh I  ROCK I made JV woooooooo kuz I’m so sexy!!! Mua ha ha ! Okay and uhm… k I think I’m done lmao k later

Current Mood: bouncybouncy
Current Music: blink182 family reunion woooo

August 31st, 2004

09:08 pm: bla la la
i'm bored so i'm updating.. lol ignore that last enty .. it worked when i viewed it. i hate livejournal.. i'l burn it....

::still complaining about wanting to go to mott::

anywho... hehe i love my bri...

Blondebabygrl515: Hooch
Blondebabygrl515: its a form of communication
dramaqueen xo9: shut up flatty fatty!
Blondebabygrl515: correction: 1st place flatty fatty
Blondebabygrl515: your just the last place stunt dropping hooch

FA LA LA im so bored.. NATALIE i'm too damn lazy to reply to ur thingy.. lol but i got a stupid thing this weekend upnorth... ugh i gotta sleep in a tent EWW wut if i die! my mom said i kan bring someone!! if u wanna come!! i'll talk to you tomaro at the game in our revealing skirts! tee he he... wood


06:24 pm: uhkay i kan do this lol ok um uh.. woah.. hm idk .. anywho! yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa my colors r goin crazy! O_O.. moving on... ok um.. i gotta game 2maro. kettering....430.. go thar. lol and uhm... i gotta wear my uniform ta skool and stuff.. blah and uhm okay this is for.. natalie. and.. amber.. and.. anyone else who cares! Hehe lol  k um

go to... www.airwaylanes.com  and then.. on the left f the page.. a column will have  bunch of stuf.. like.. "cool jerks" and uhm... "kids" click....... "HIGHSCHOOL/YOUTH" and then.. the page will coem up... scroll down like... a few inches and then click on.. um... "here are the pics from state fair" or sumthing... they
[Error: Irreparable invalid markup ('<fon</font>') in entry. Owner must fix manually. Raw contents below.]

<font color="#ff0000">uhkay i kan do this lol ok um<font color="#0000ff"></font></font> <font color="#00ffff">uh.. woah.. <font color="#ff00ff">hm idk .. anywho!</font> yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa my colors r goin crazy! <font color="#ff80ff"></font> O_O.. moving on... ok um.. i gotta game 2maro. kettering....430.. go thar. lol and uhm... </font>i g<font color="#008000">otta wear my uniform ta skool and stuff.. blah and uhm okay this is for.. natalie. and.. amber.. and.. anyone else who cares! Hehe lol&nbsp; k um</font>

<font color="#ffff80">go to... www.airwaylanes.com&nbsp; and then.. on the left f the page.. a column will have&nbsp; bunch of stuf.. like.. "cool jerks" and uhm... "kids" click....... "HIGHSCHOOL/YOUTH" <font color="#0000ff">and then.. the page will coem up... scroll down like... a few inches and the<font color="#800000">n click on.. um... "here are the pics from state fair" or sumthing... they </font><fon</font>t color="#00ff00">have a mott link and a kettering link. click kettering.. and make sure u hit the page thing kuz theres like.. 5 pages i think and i was stupid and didnt know.. hehe i'm so hott
movin</font><font color="#800080">g on! ......i have HOMEWORK! thats insane! its the 2nd day! agh! i dont even kno my way around the skool yet and they want me to do homework?! psheesh! ok... going now! <font color="#ff00ff">I L</font><font color="#800000">OVE YOU ALEX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!</font></font>

idk how these damn colors work so just highlite it all if u kant read it! HE HE I lovey oU!

Current Mood: highhigh
Current Music: adema..unstable

August 30th, 2004

10:17 pm: heh..
mk lol... updating... hmm
ok.. today was tha first daya skool so umm.. ya! Lol it was alright i saw some old friends and stuff.. its weird going to skool with them again.. even though i still want to go to mott SO freaking badly... ::cries:: ..::sniffle:: okaY I'm good.. alright moving on.. i seen um... like everyone from cheerleading.. i still like dunno my classes and stuff kuz i'm stupid and ya.. heh k um.. all my friends think my bruther is so kute and stuff lol its funi.. uhm... i found kristin lol well she found me and we rode the bus home.. i walked home with steve and josh.. blah.. steve like hates me now lol we used to b like good friends now he's like.. AHGHHHH KT! DIE! hehe.. anywho i kame home and kalled my man agh i missed him all day i dont think i've went that long without talking to him! anyways... he kame over!! wooo it was fun we took pics of stuff.. hehe anywhoooo uhmm.. then... Ooh alex came with me and my mommy and aron to get his new car woot! its cute! lol its a um.. sizuki sidkick? i have no idea how to spell?!!! ya and uhm... arons pretty excited about it! awee I love him sometimes... he's so nice to me at skool.. lol my bruver.. moving on!!!! oh yeah kristin kame over when alex was over for a while too.. hehe! Lol yaa.. i'm so sexy.. anyways!! alex just left a while ago and its like only 1030 but i am SO tired.. LONG ASS DAY and i got like NO sleep.. so i'm gunna go kall and say night to alex and SlEEEEP! hehehe ya okay bye allll I LOVE YOU, ALEX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

August 28th, 2004

10:41 pm: hehe since alex is so awesome and kool he fixeded my pictures fo me.. heres the link to my webshots thingy though.. i thought u'd like tokno.. lol        if sumthing comes up. just hit.. no, bla bla bla w/e and you'll  see them... and uhh YEAH! hehe gunna go nowwww!

Current Mood: crazycrazy
Current Music: billy talent..cut tha cutains
10:31 pm: bored with xanga kuz i'm stupid and my trials almost over.. ok um.. wutve i done?! Lol uhhhhhhhhh oooh okay my birthday!! i got up pretty early at like 11... and went downstairs my dad got me a new straitner and uhmm my grandma kame over and gave me a gift certificate.. and then um... i went to pontiac lake for sum church party thing... and uhh we played volly ball and swam and stuff and my mom picked me up early and i went to alex's..and then went to tha dream cruise.. uh huh it was funn. 

and hmm i was at alex's tha other day.. and.. we went to mikes house...and uh.. bretts house.. fun i guess... oh and state fair was the 19th.. if i kan figure out how to put pics up i'll show u.. lol even though kettering got 6th place lmao i'm still hott though.. and um.. i went to the mall a few nights ago.. i got PREPPY clothes! YAY and and and.. YAY i got... tommy hilfiger pants! 50 freakin dollars.. god ! and i went into american eagle and stuff i'm sooo proud!

uhm.. last night i went to amanda johnstons house.. fer a partayyy it was funn... and um.. we like swimed and stuff.. kool

i was sick today.. *sniffle* i got up.. talked to my man and uh.... had a million cough drops and uhm.. got cold medacine.. ya lol ok hm... gunna figure out how to put up pics! later!! I LOVE YOU, ALEX!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!

CheerleadingCollapse )

August 19th, 2004

03:53 pm: test
hey i love alex

Current Mood: bouncybouncy
Current Music: alexxx

August 18th, 2004

04:06 pm: .:.*.:.bAhHh.:.*.:.
where the hell r my smileyS!?

August 17th, 2004

03:12 pm: mmff..
bla bla bla.. the latest news... there is none. okay i'm done

heh.. alex locked his keys in his car .. he's at mott for registration.. smarrt.. lol but i still love him

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